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Medical Career Training in Ohio

Healthcare is one of our country’s largest industries, and Ohio Business College can help you enter this growing sector. We offer Medical Assisting and Medical Office Specialist programs. Choose the one that meets your interests!

Medical assistants in Ohio are responsible for many of the tasks that help medical practices run smoothly, and they help to provide the best possible patient care.

Have you wondered what a medical office specialist does? It is up to medical office specialists to keep the healthcare industry running smoothly. Required paperwork, data analysis, cost control, and governmental regulations create thousands of jobs that put medical office specialists in constant high demand.

About Our Medical Assisting Program

Our Medical Assisting program provides students with the skills necessary to perform both front- and back-office functions in a medical setting. Medical assistants’ responsibilities range from front-office work such as appointment setting, telephone usage, insurance billing and coding, and transcribing physician notes, to back-office tasks such as assisting in taking vital signs, administering EKGs, assisting in minor office surgery, performing phlebotomy functions, and other duties associated with assisting medical professionals. Depending on the office in which a medical assistant works, they may be responsible for clinical or administrative duties, or a combination of both.

For instance, the rise of telemedicine and online prescription services has made understanding medications, like generic Cialis, an essential aspect of modern healthcare. Being well-informed about such medications, their uses, potential side effects, and the contexts in which they are prescribed can greatly enhance a medical assistant's ability to contribute to patient care. At Ohio Business College, we strive to ensure our students are prepared for these complexities, making them valuable assets in any medical setting.

Ohio Business College’s medical assisting program tailors to your busy schedule. We offer flexible class schedules, including day and evening classes, to make it possible to achieve your education on your own terms.

About Our Medical Office Specialist Program

With one of the top medical office specialist schools in Ohio, OBC’s courses will give students knowledge of medical terminology, medical office procedures, and medical management, as well as a background in computers, organization, and communication. A diploma from this program can get you ready for an entry-level position, such as a medical receptionist, scheduler, or claims processor, in a variety of medical offices, institutions and organizations.

Ohio Business College will train you in these responsibilities including updating and filing patient records, filling out insurance forms, arranging for hospital admissions and laboratory services, answering telephones, greeting patients, scheduling appointments, and taking care of billing and bookkeeping responsibilities. When you choose a quality school like OBC and enroll in our medical office specialist program, you can learn what it takes to work as an important member of a healthcare team.

Campus Locations

Lorain County Campus

Our Lorain County campus is located in Sheffield Village at 5095 Waterford Drive.

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Our Sandusky campus is located in Sandusky at 5202 Timber Commons Drive.

Truck Driving Academy

Our Truck Driving Academy is located in Dayton at 5450 Salem Avenue.

HVAC Learning Center

Our HVAC Learning Center is located in Lorain at 5075 Pearl Avenue.