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HVAC/R Training in Ohio

Complete HVAC training in as little as 12 months!

The HVAC/R program prepares students in all aspects of installation, maintenance, service, and repair of residential and commercial HVAC and refrigeration equipment. Topics include refrigeration, heating and cooling, electricity, controls, and safety as they pertain to HVAC/R equipment.

This is a comprehensive program including extensive hands on application in a lab setting where students learn to install, diagnose, and repair residential and commercial HVAC/R equipment.

Hands-on training from skilled instructors

Free tutoring for students

Career placement assistance

Free refresher courses for graduates

Reasons you should consider an HVAC degree:

  1. High Demand
  2. Higher than Average Earning Potential
  3. Active Career
  4. Constant Learning Opportunities

The demand for qualified and certified HVAC technicians is high, therefore, the earning potential is also high and career opportunities are endless.

You can expect to do much more than installing new HVAC systems with an HVAC/R degree. At OBC, we teach you the necessary skills you’ll need to start a career in both commercial and residential HVAC installation and repair. Depending on your interests, you could begin a career as an HVAC installer, HVAC system designer, manufacturer, and so much more! Earning an HVAC/R certification opens the door to many career opportunities.

Job Outlook

Demand for skilled HVAC technicians is high! According to O*NET OnLine, the employment of HVAC technician is projected to increase by 15% from 2016 to 2026—much higher than the average.* The projected number of job openings for that same period is 38,700.* New technology to improve efficiency and reduce pollution will result in systems needing to be updated or replaced. With the increasing complexity of HVAC/R systems, companies are looking for new technicians with training.


HVAC Learning Center

Our HVAC Learning Center is located at 5075 Pearl Avenue; Lorain, OH 44055. Going to college in Lorain County is easy and affordable. Let our friendly and helpful admissions staff walk you through the process as you discover all that OBC has to offer. Located within easy commuting distance of Elyria, Lorain, Vermilion, Amherst, and Avon, going to college in Lorain County is convenient, too. The HVAC Learning Center of Ohio Business College is the perfect opportunity for ambitious students to get the training they need for a new career in HVAC while still living and working in the local community.