Information Systems and Network Security Training in Ohio

Ready to join the front lines in the war against cyber threats and attacks? The Information Systems/Network Security Support program at Ohio Business College can prepare you for just that. You'll learn everything from how to provide technical assistance, support, and advice to users on hardware and software to how to protect against cybersecurity and computer issues.

What You Will Learn

The Associate Degree in Applied Science Information Systems/Network Security Support program is designed to prepare students for entry level positions in small to midsized companies. This program will equip students with the necessary skills to provide technical assistance, support, and advice to users on hardware, software, cybersecurity and computer issues. Students will be able to provide day-to-day administrative support for an organization’s local area network, wide area network, internet or intranet systems, in addition to the administration, maintenance, security and support of network servers. Students will be equipped with a broad background in social sciences and the communication skills necessary for professionals in the Information Technology Computer and Cybersecurity Support workforce.

Job Outlook

Graduates of this program will be prepared for entry-level as computer cybersecurity support specialists, computer support specialists, systems administrators, network and computer systems administrators, and computer systems analysts.

Externship Opportunities

Information Systems/Network Security Support majors participate in externships in their final quarters of study that provide an opportunity to gain experience working in their field under the combined supervision and evaluation of both a cooperating local business and Ohio Business College.

Lorain County Campus

Our Lorain County campus is located at 5095 Waterford Dr; Sheffield Village, OH 44035. Going to college in Lorain County is easy and affordable. Let our friendly and helpful admissions staff walk you through the process as you discover all that OBC has to offer. The flexibility and accessibility of associate degree and diploma training in Sheffield Village is what makes Ohio Business College different. Located within easy commuting distance of Elyria, Lorain, Vermilion, Amherst, and Avon, going to college in Lorain County is convenient, too. The Sheffield Village campus of Ohio Business College is the perfect opportunity for ambitious students to get the training they need for a new career while still living and working in the local community.