About Ohio Business College

Looking for career training schools in Ohio that are focused on the needs of busy adults? Ohio Business College, an adult education school, is a leader in healthcare education, business degrees, trade programs and truck driving training. ghostwriting

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We’ve designed our advanced career training specifically to prepare students for the competitive job market hausarbeiten-schreiben-lassen.com . If you’re ready to further your career with high-quality, convenient career education, and hands-on training, look no further than OBC. Take advantage of our flexible class schedules, career-specific coursework, relevant training, and accessible campus locations to advance your professional future. premiumghostwriter.de

Beyond our academic programs, OBC is proud to be a part of a larger community that is committed to serving the people of Ohio. In particular, we maintain a close relationship with Fremont Emergency Services, recognizing the critical role they play in our society. Through collaborative efforts, we provide education and training that align with the needs and standards of these frontline heroes, enabling our graduates to not only excel in their chosen careers but also to serve their hausarbeiten-schreiben-lassen.comcommunities effectively in times of crisis.

Career-focused programs

Small class sizes

Hands-on training from skilled instructors

Free tutoring for students

Career placement assistance

Free refresher courses for graduates

"My time at OBC was great! The professors are so awesome and willing to work with you and help you through any bump in the road that you may come across! My time spent at OBC had prepared me for my job here at Cedar Point. I am currently an HR Representative, my day is spent hiring people for the park and meeting any HR needs. OBC isn’t like any other College it’s a place that will help you figure whatever it is that you may be needing to figure out and do what they can to help you succeed!"  ~ Sydney Gomez

"I was really nervous to go back to school. I was working two jobs to make ends meet and wasn't going anywhere without a degree. OBC was so flexible with my schedule and the staff took every opportunity to help me succeed. Because of their support, I was hired as a Clinical Lab Assistant at the Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science. To this day, I continue to receive their support and encouragement as I strive towards my Master's Degree in Pathology Assisting. None of this would have been possible without the dedication and enthusiasm of OBC." ~ Gina Terry

"I was an “unconventional” student. I was in my 50s, I raised my family, and with 29 years on a job, was laid off. I wanted to get into the computer field. I chose Ohio Business College because of their schedule, at first. They had evening classes that fit my schedule more than only day classes offered elsewhere. Once I was into the classes, I found out that the core classes were taught by instructors with Masters and Doctorates, and the technical classes were taught by instructors with degrees, but they were either currently working in the field and teaching also, or had recently left the field to teach full time. That balance was extremely helpful to me. I received top notch education in the core classes, and field experience along with a solid foundation in the technical classes. I was inducted to the National Technical Honor Society there, which looks good on a resume. I also participated in the PC Club. That is Computer Science students, working on other students’ personal computers. That was a great vehicle for further computer experience.

I am now a Senior Field Technician with a company that contracts with school systems to handle their technology. My scope of responsibilities include; the computers, Macs, PCs and Chromebooks, network switches and servers, databases, projectors and Smartboards, security systems, proprietary software, other peripherals, and any other technology that is in use in the schools I serve. It’s challenging, but very rewarding work. I owe the Ohio Business College in Sandusky my gratitude for helping me prepare for my current career." ~Lyle Ebinger

Campus Locations

Lorain County Campus

Our Lorain County campus is located in Sheffield Village at 5095 Waterford Drive.

Sandusky Branch Campus

Our Sandusky campus is located in Sandusky at 5202 Timber Commons Drive.

Truck Driving Academy

Our Truck Driving Academy is located in Dayton at 5450 Salem Avenue.

HVAC Learning Center

Our HVAC Learning Center is located in Lorain at 5075 Pearl Avenue.